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It was an enlightening experience, the host was kind and helpful, queries were answered well, overall it was great.

Kavitha K.

Thank you so much for this highly insightful webinar. Need more and more conversations on these issues

Kalpana Swaroop

Sir it was very helpful session. could you please provide more session time to time with new initiative for us …. Thanks

Narender Kumar

Thank you for this amazing session. I am the HM of NCS Arakkonam Tamilnadu. If both the parents are employees then how can they monitor their children?

Raja D.

Thanks sir for giving us knowledge about different things

Vishrut Rana

Thank you Sir giving us much more insight


Thank you sir. The webinar was extremely helpful.

Hemangi Kharose

Thanks sir for excellent presentation.

Priyanka Verma:

The Webinar on Cyber Crime which was held today was very helpful. My child Naisha Khatwani shared me her experience of attending this Webinar. I assure that she will be careful while downloading any app as well as WhatsApp and other Social Sites. Waiting for the next two sessions in the month of July!!☺️

Mr Khatwani

Deanna did luv the webinar on cyber crime . She immediately realised the importance of keeping herself safe from these stuff like certain games and apps which cud get her and her personal information for public view. Her response to this session was deleting the games and apps. So thank u for the same.

Miss Swedha

Today's session on cyber crime gave me immense knowledge about the poisons of internet. It was quite informative. All my doubts were cleared. Once again thank you so much. I was glad to attend this session

Trisha Prasad